Jan 31 2015

Piedmont Police Department Warns Residents of Water Main Scam

 Do not open your door to strangers!

Suspects enter homes on the pretense of a “water main break. ”

The Piedmont Police Department urges residents to be vigilant to a recent scam.

1/27/15 at 1330 hours, 200 block of Highland Avenue – 

The victim described the subject as a Hispanic male adult, 30’s-40’s wearing a white/grey “plumber” shirt that had “CP” on it and he was wearing a red baseball cap.  Introduced himself as “Anthony”.  He told the victim there was a “water main break” and he needed to check the bathrooms. Suspect was followed around the house to each bathroom, no loss, info report.

1/28/15 at 1053 hours, 400 block of Moraga Avenue – 

The victim described the suspect as a male pacific islander 6’3″ 250-275 lbs with a blue “work” shirt which read, “Mora” plumbing on the left side of the shirt, above the front pocket.  The suspect said he was there due to a “water main break”.  Male victim allowed entry to the house but when the female victim confronted the suspect, he left.  Loss was money, presidential coins and jewelry.  Suspect got into front passenger seat of a newer white pickup truck that fled eastbound on Moraga Ave.

As always, be vigilant about any individual that comes to solicit for services and do not let them inside your home.

If you see any similarly described individuals, please immediately contact the Piedmont Police Department.


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