Feb 3 2015

School Superintendent Search Update

– School Board Member, Doug Ireland announced how the search for a new Superintendent of Piedmont Schools is progressing.-

As we start February, here is where the process stands from the Board’s vantage point. We will continue to update the district website and the Portal.

On Feb. 11, we will review the Profile report and characteristics from HYA which will be posted to the website. Feedback and comments will be included. To be clear, we aim to attract highly qualified candidates.  And we also believe highly qualified candidates may emerge from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds. We intend to find the best available talent for our district.

Screening interviews will be conducted by HYA Feb.13 and 17 to narrow the field based on our agreed criteria. By Feb. 24, a slate of qualified, screened candidates will be presented to the Board. First round Board interviews will begin shortly thereafter. The field will be narrowed again to culminate in a decision by the end of March.

When we did our homework about searches, it was clear there is a unique recruiting “season” to the educational profession. Recognizing this, we moved quickly following Superintendent Hubbard’s announcement by naming a board subcommittee, forming a city wide search committee, hiring a search firm and setting a preliminary schedule. As there are now six known superintendent vacancies in Northern California alone, with more likely in the coming weeks, we are glad to have acted expeditiously. And we remain confident our early and organized approach has positioned us to attract and secure a great new superintendent.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and participation.

Doug Ireland, Board of Education

Editors’ Note: The opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Piedmont Civic Association.

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