Feb 20 2015

Job Description of School Superintendent

During the search for a new Superintendent of Piedmont Schools, the School Board has been barraged with questions in the reports and editorials of a local newspaper.  Most recently, there has been a claim that there is no job description for the position.  In response to the concern and questions, the office of the Piedmont Superintendent has released the following statement and information describing the Superintendent’s responsibilities and duties:

Please see clarification for the “job description” of the Superintendent of Schools as it applies to California public school districts. The duties of the Superintendent are outlined as part of the District’s Board Policies and are governed by that and regulations as included in the California Educational Code. Additional duties may be included as part of the contract between the Superintendent and Board of Education.
Please see the attached Policies for the Piedmont Unified School District as to the role, responsibility and duties of the Superintendent of Schools. Any additional requests for information or questions may be directed to the office of the Superintendent or to the Board of Education President.
Andrea SwensonPresident
Constance Hubbard, Superintendent of Schoolschubbard@piedmont.k12.ca.us   594-2614

Click the link below to read the Superintendent Job Description:

Duties of Sup 215

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