Feb 27 2015

Update: Superintendent Search

Forty five candidates applied for the Superintendent of Schools position.

The following information was provided by School Board Member Doug Ireland.

“The PUSD board met in a special session on February 24 as part of the ongoing superintendent search. In open session HYA advisors Barbara Young and Bill Levinson reviewed logistics and protocols for the upcoming candidate interviews. We will conduct two days of formal interviews next week. From that group, we will narrow the field and move on to a second set of interviews the following week.

“In closed session we were given our first briefing on the pool of candidates. Forty-five completed applications were submitted by candidates from eight states. It is a diverse group with a broad range of degrees and areas of expertise. Our consultants conducted interviews with 14 of those candidates, narrowed down the list, and gave us detailed briefs of the slate of candidates they identified as most qualified for the position.

“The board has been reminded of the need for absolute confidentiality as regards our pool of candidates. We thank you for your understanding and confidence in the process.”

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