Mar 3 2015

Blair Park Workday

Volunteers gathered on February 28 to clean up Blair Park removing invasive ivy from trees and cutting back brush.

Group-Blair Park workday

“Some of the Piedmont and Oakland crew who worked in Blair Park. The artwork is a professional rendering of what Blair Park could look like if Phase 1 of the landscape plan approved by the Piedmont City Council were implemented.”

“Nearly 30 friends and neighbors of Blair Park took part in a Community Work Day on Saturday, February 28, to clean ivy off of oak and fruit trees in the park. Piedmont and Oakland residents of all ages came armed with their work gloves, clippers, rakes and enthusiasm to do battle with ivy and blackberries that are strangling the trees. Two hours of hard work produced large piles of clippings to be hauled away on Monday by the Piedmont Department of Public Works.

“Everyone was so enthusiastic about the event, which was organized by Friends of Moraga Canyon, another work day is planned for next month.”

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