Mar 23 2015

Time for School Enrollment


School Enrollment for 2015-16 School Year

Enrollment is open for all students from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade for the 2015-16 School Year. Enrollment is required for any student who did NOT attend school at a PUSD school in the 2014-15 school year. Please enroll as soon as possible to assist in preparation for staffing needs and class assignements.

To enroll your child, you must go in person to the school.

For middle and high school students, please go to the school your child will attend; for elementary students, go to your neighborhood elementary school.

To make an appointment to enroll your student call:

Piedmont High School – Melanie Reed, 594-2646

Piedmont Middle school – Evangeline Walsh, 594-2669

Beach Elementary School – Megan Nakahara, 594-2666

Havens Elementary School – Cheryl Vaughan, 594-2680

Wildwood Elementary School – Christine Peterson, 594-2780

Required Documents:

Please download documents for enrollment by visiting the District website at Please bring paper copies of relevant documentation. Parents are required to bring original birth certificates or passport of children to be registered to show proof of age. Children should not accompany parents for enrollment.

Parents must provide, at the time of enrollment, a grant deed and three additional proofs of residency. Parents renting/leasing must provide, at the time of enrollment, a lease AND a copy of the property owner’s rental permit from the city, and three additional proofs of residency.

For information on acceptable proofs, please go to the District website: and scroll down to “Proofs of Residency.”

Parents should come prepared with documented evidence showing complete dates that children have been adequately immunized. State law requires that children be excluded from school until this information is on record in the school files.

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