Mar 24 2015

Residents Asked to Propose Capital Improvement Projects

 Here is an opportunity for Piedmont residents to identify new capital projects in the community.

There is $407,000 in the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Fund available for projects.

Residents may notice areas that need capital funding such as hazardous intersections and medians, needed plantings, protective pedestrian fencing, additional recreation facilities, accomodations for elderly persons, ways to save water, pool improvements, Community Hall Plaza, or any desired public project. 

“The Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Committee is soliciting proposals for new city projects which would enhance our community. Ideas submitted by individuals, community organizations and City Staff are all considered. If you have a great idea, the committee would like to hear from you.”

The Capital Improvement Projects Committee (CIP) will hold a meeting on Thursday, March 26th at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Conference Room. Click to read the agenda.  This meeting is open to the public. The meeting will not be broadcast and written minutes are not kept.  The March 26th agenda calls for City Staff CIP Presentations [Various Departments], Review of Proposed Work Schedule and CIP Tour, and a Review of New Citizen Proposal Form.

The Capital Improvement Project Committee (CIP) will be receiving public proposals for desired capital projects. Projects can be simple or complex.  Those proposing projects need not have complete information, such as funding.  The more a project proposal details a need, the more likely the project will be added to a consideration list by the CIP Committee for referral to the City Council.

The Citizen Proposal Form does not list a deadline for submitting a citizen proposals, yet all proposals should be submitted promptly to the Department of Public Works for consideration by the CIP Committee. The tour and identification of projects are expected sometime in April.

Completed forms should be returned to the Department of Public Works, 120 Vista Avenue. If you have questions regarding the CIP process and proposals, please contact Mark Feldkamp, Parks & Project Manager, at (510) 420-3064.

Click > for the proposal form.

“It is not necessary to complete all of the information on this form; general project descriptions, project justification and estimates of costs are the basic items required [as feasible]. Additionally, it is helpful to suggest a potential funding source. City staff will contact you to discuss the recommended project in more detail. The City of Piedmont appreciates your participation in this process.”

The members of the CIP Committee are:

MEMBERS APPOINTED BY THE COUNCIL (4):  John Cooper (Chair), Ryan Gilbert, Bobbe Stehr (Former Planning Commissioner) and Jamie Totsubo (Park Commissioner)

PIEDMONT GARDEN CLUB’S PIEDMONT BEAUTIFICATION FOUNDATION APPOINTEE (1): Deborah Van Nest  (President of the Beautification Foundation)

PARK COMMISSION REPRESENTATIVE (1): Sue Herrick (Chair of the Park Commission)

RECREATION COMMISSION REPRESENTATIVE (1): Nick Levinson (Chair of the Recreation Commission)

COUNCIL LIAISON, as observer: Vice Mayor Jeff Wieler, alternate Councilmember Teddy King


STAFF LIAISONSChester Nakahara (W) 420-3061 & Mark Feldkamp (W) 420-3064.

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