Mar 25 2015

Randall Booker: New School Superintendent

Many parents and teachers are already familiar with the next Piedmont Unified School District Superintendent –

At their March 25, 2015 meeting, the Piedmont Board of Education announced their selection of Randall “Randy” Booker to be Piedmont’s new Superintendent of Schools.  Randy Booker currently serves as Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services, and was previously the Principal at Piedmont High School.

Booker will assume the position of  Superintendent on July 1, 2015. His salary will be $212,000 per year plus the same benefits provided to other District employees.

Board President Andrea Swenson detailed the exhaustive selection process and numerous interviews leading to the Board’s “clear choice” of Booker.  In the Council Chambers filled with teachers, parents, Council members and others, the Booker announcement was received with loud and prolonged applause.

Booker spoke briefly, noting his appreciation for being selected and welcoming the opportunity ahead of him.  He told of wanting to keep moving forward with District progress and his desire to increase communication with the community, teachers, and students.


Randall Booker

Below is the District Press Release:


From the Board of Education

760 Magnolia Avenue, Piedmont, CA  94611

Piedmont’s Board of Education is pleased to announce the appointment of the next Superintendent of schools, Randall Booker. Randy Booker currently serves as Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services, and previously served as Principal at Piedmont High School. Mr. Booker will begin serving as Superintendent starting on July 1, 2015.

The process of selecting the next Superintendent was truly a community effort. The Board of Education is grateful to all of the over 400 students, parents, educators, administrators, and community members who contributed their ideas and opinions to the search process. Their input was an invaluable guide for the Board in the process to reaching a unanimous agreement on this appointment.

This input indicated that the next Superintendent must have a clear vision of how to build on Piedmont’s legacy of educational excellence, and the proven skills and experience to implement effective change. The input also provided a blueprint for the role of the Superintendent: to listen to and effectively represent the interests of all constituents; to foster a positive professional climate of mutual trust and respect among staff and administrators; to recruit and retain highly qualified personnel; and to effectively plan and manage the long-term financial health of the District.

The Board conducted a nation-wide search and received 45 applications for the Superintendent position that included several exceptional applicants. The Board interviewed seven candidates, and conducted additional interviews with three finalists. The Board sought the most qualified candidate who is the best match for this District. After a thorough search and selection process, and in consideration of substantial input received from the community, the Board unanimously concluded that the clear choice for Piedmont is Randall Booker. The Board found that Mr. Booker has a unique combination of experience, skills, and values that will serve and enhance opportunities for all of our students. Also, the Board was impressed with Randy’s dedication to listen to all viewpoints, solve problems, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders. It is not surprising that Mr. Booker is already well-known and well-respected among many in the Piedmont community.

Mr. Booker’s vision as Superintendent for the Piedmont schools includes:

  • A renewed, broad, and inclusive community engagement concerning District goals and priorities, including dialogue with students, parents, educators, and staff.
  • An exemplary 21st century education that is rigorously inquiry-driven, learner-centered, and sensitive to the social/emotional needs of our students.
  • A relevant and coordinated professional learning plan, across all educational programs, designed to foster a growth mindset that builds capacity in each of our educators.
  • A comprehensive facilities review that addresses the need for updated, flexible learning spaces and needed improvements to the appearance of District facilities and grounds.
  • A Local Control Accountability Plan that strategically directs educational program and promotes a balanced budget through the continued partnerships of our community and educators.

The Board is grateful to all who contributed their ideas and opinions to the search process, and helped guide the Board in making this appointment. Randall Booker will succeed Superintendent Constance Hubbard, who has served as Piedmont’s Superintendent for more than 12 years. Some of Connie’s most notable accomplishments include: attracting, retaining and developing outstanding educators and staff; shepherding the District through an unprecedented State-wide educational funding crisis; modernizing technology infrastructure; and completing, on time and on budget, seismic safety improvements to all school facilities.

Learn more about Booker.

2 Responses to “Randall Booker: New School Superintendent”

  1. My best wishes to Randy. I guess the School Board decided to favor continuity rather taking any risk on an outsider. This is their prerogatives as our elected representatives. I assume that the strong support of the Teachers Association was a major consideration. Bernard Pech

  2. All involved in the selection process are to be congratulated for selecting a tried and true professional who is already highly respected by our teaching professionals, parents and grandparents. He knows our Piedmont culture intimately; a culture that endeavors to nurture the interweaving of the scientific and the artistic interests of every learner in our city regardless of their eventual professional career path.
    Again, congratulations and thank you.
    Sunny Bostrom-Fleming
    Grateful Graduate of Piedmont High

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