Mar 30 2015

AC Transit Racked with Management and Board Problems

AC Transit General Manager David Armijo resigned abruptly after serving the transit agency for three years.  A majority of the Board members evidently had come to the conclusion he should be terminated.  His resignation preempted a possible termination. 

AC Transit over the years had rarely had a general manager with full transit expertise.  Numerous riders and taxpayers had been pleased with Armijo’s significant results in balancing budgets, improving and increasing bus service, all while setting aside reserves.

Armijo described his job at AC Transit as “one of the most satisfying of any of the positions I have held during my 30-year career in transit.”

Being a personnel matter, disclosure of the Board’s displeasure with Armijo was not made public; however, Piedmont’s representative on the Board, Greg Harper publicly stated he did not agree with the majority.

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