Apr 14 2015

Piedmont Has Applied for WW Bond Funds

The City has submitted an application for Hampton Field to the East Bay Region Park District for Piedmont’s one time WW Bond Fund entitlement. The March 12, 2015 application included a California Environment Quality (CEQA) certificate of compliance for the Hampton Field improvements.  The construction costs for Phase One are estimated at $542,685, including staff time cost of $10,000, and $180,000 consultant expense for a total project cost of $732,685. The WW application request is for $507,325, the amount available for a qualified project in Piedmont.  No local matching funds are required.

It is anticipated that the East Bay Regional Park District Board will approve Piedmont’s WW Bond Fund proposal for Hampton Field improvements in May. Construction work that includes drainage and tennis court restructure is expected to begin in the fall.

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