Jul 3 2015

City Council Asked to Partially Settle Underground Lawsuits

On Monday, July 6, the Council will consider a full release of all claims against the engineering firm Robert Gray and Associates in exchange for $500,000.

Michelle Kenyon, Piedmont’s City Attorney recommends that the City Council authorize the settlement agreement with Robert Gray and Associates (RGA) in the amount $500,000. The City’s lawsuit originated in 2011 in connection with the Piedmont Hills Undergrounding project.

Agreement with RGA by the City Council is not the final step, as it would still have to be approved by the Superior Court of Contra Costa County.

Read the full report here

The City’s litigation against the additional engineering firm, Harris and Associates will continue.

2 Responses to “City Council Asked to Partially Settle Underground Lawsuits”

  1. How much has the City spent on legal costs?

  2. I’m incensed!!!!!!!! $500,000 against $2,000,000 that should have been borne by the neighborhood involved. The taxpayers of Piedmont are getting cheated again. If the staff and Council think we should accept this insult, then it’s time for them to leave.

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