Sep 20 2015

Piedmonters Remove Their Listings on AirBnB

On April 17, 2015 and May 6, 2015, the City sent two page letters together with “Rental Tax Forms” notifying 13 homeowners that if they had short-term rental income in 2014 they were liable for the tax plus penalty of 50% or 100%. Also enclosed was an “Intent to Rent” form to be completed. The homeowners receiving the letters had been identified by City staff from listings on AirBnb.

The letters explained that under Piedmont’s current code it is legal to rent an entire residence while the owner is away, but it is not legal to rent any part of the residence for less than 30 days while¬† the owner is at home. The letters further noted that Planning Director Kate Black is developing regulations for short-term rentals.

Most of the 13 Piedmont homeowners responded promptly to the letters. Some had listed a short-term rental availability with AirBnb but subsequently removed their listing. One protested the high minimum tax, saying it would not be worth renting with such a high tax to pay. One expressed support for neighbors having short-term renters. Four owners did not respond. Three owners promptly paid their tax and penalty.

Read the staff report here.

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