Sep 30 2015

Dogs in Dracena Park: Meeting Saturday Oct. 3

Meeting Saturday, October 3 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. in the upper area of Dracena Park next to Dracena Avenue – 

The Park Commission and Public Works staff will host an initial meeting with Piedmont residents, community members and all stakeholders to discuss a proposed change to the existing off-leash area located on Dracena Avenue.

The meeting is noted as a “brain storming” session to open discussion including restricted dog use of the grassy area at the top of the park, signage, neighborhood concerns, dog use hours, off leash fines, etc. An Animal Control officer will be in attendance to provide information and answer questions.

The informal meeting is to gather input on the issues and options going forward.  No decisions will be made at this meeting and additional fact-finding meetings may be held prior to a public hearing in November.  Send written comments to the Park Commission at or for further information contact Mark Feldkamp at 420-3064.

2 Responses to “Dogs in Dracena Park: Meeting Saturday Oct. 3”

  1. There are many dog owners in Piedmont and little space for off-leash dogs. Not only do dog owners socialize, but they help to keep the parks safe by being a presence during the daylight hours.

  2. Saturday’s meeting was well-attended by park neighbors and dog owners. Copies of emails received by city staff were also distributed. A report on the meeting will be provided this Wednesday at 5:30, October 7 at the Park Commission meeting in city hall. Additional comments will be received at this time or you can send your comments to Mark Feldkamp at No decision about the off leash rules will be made at this meeting.

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