Oct 13 2015

Openings on Park and Planning Commissions: Oct. 27 Application Deadline

Important positions are open to applicants.

Resignations on the Park Commission and Planning Commission have created openings for the unexpired terms of two commissioners.

Park Commissioner Nancy Kent resigned to assume  her new Piedmont salaried employment, filling soon-to-retire Mark Feldkamp’s position as Parks and Project Manager in the Public Works Department.  She will be the primary staff member to the Park Commission.

Planning Commissioner Louise Simpson resigned because she no longer resides in Piedmont and is no longer a qualified Piedmont elector.

Applicants will be applying for unexpired terms which end in March 2016. 

Park Commission 1 Vacancy – 0 Incumbent

Planning Commission 1 Vacancy – 0 Incumbent: The current alternate commissioner may apply to become a full member of the Planning Commission.

Municipal Code:

SEC. 25.2 PLANNING COMMISSION COMPOSITION; REGULAR MEETINGS There is hereby established a planning commission consisting of five (5) members. The commission shall meet on the second Monday of each month. (Ord. No. 395 N.S., ‘3)

SEC. 25.3 POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION It shall be the duty of the planning commission to investigate and make recommendations to the City Council concerning real property, subdivisions, lot building restrictions, planning and zoning matters as may be in the best interest of the City, and to grant or disapprove design review and variance applications. In addition, the commission shall have the following powers and duties: (a) To consider and make recommendations to the Council on matters affecting the design and aesthetics of buildings, structures and other improvements within the City; (b) To consider and make recommendations to the Council regarding methods of encouraging and promoting good design in construction within the City in order to maintain the high quality of aesthetic values which make the City unique.

Monthly Planning Commission commitment includes the regular commission meetings, preparation for the meetings by reading and studying all submitted materials, and visits to application sites amounting to seven or more hours.

SEC. 25.4 PARK COMMISSION COMPOSITION; REGULAR MEETINGS There is hereby established a park commission consisting of seven (7) members. The commission shall meet at regular times normally once each month.

POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE PARK COMMISSION The park commission shall have the following powers and duties: (a) To consider and make recommendations to the Council on matters affecting the beautification, planting, litter control, development, uses, acquisition and disposal and maintenance of all parks, park improvements, park memorials, street trees, parking strips (i.e., the portion of the street right-of-way between the sidewalk and curb) and other planted areas owned or controlled by the City. (b) To consider and make recommendations to the Council concerning proposed solutions to those additional matters which appropriately may be referred to the commission by the Council; or which, relating to the beautification of the matters referred to in subsection (a) hereof, may be investigated by the commission on its own motion.

Monthly Park Commission commitment starts at 4 hours.



Commission members shall be qualified electors of the City and not otherwise serving the City in an elective or salaried capacity.

Members of commissions shall be appointed by majority vote of the Council to serve three-year (3-year) terms, and until their respective successors are appointed, with no person serving more than two consecutive terms of office. Terms of office shall commence on April 1 and terminate on March 31, and will be staggered by resolution of the Council. Commission members may be removed after hearing by the affirmative vote of four (4) members of the Council. If a member of a commission is absent from three (3) consecutive regular meetings of such commission, unless by permission of such body expressed in its official meeting record or by permission of the Council, that office shall become vacant and shall be so declared by the Council. Vacancies shall be filled for any unexpired term in the same manner as the original appointments were made. Any person who serves as a member of a commission for more than eighteen (18) months of an unexpired term shall be considered to have served a full term of office. (Ord. No. 395 N.S., ’11)

>>>>>>> Application form.


Qualified electors of the City who are interested must complete and return the application form on or before the posted deadline of Tuesday, October 27, 2015. Postmarks will not be accepted. Applications are also available from the office of the City Clerk, John Tulloch, at Piedmont City Hall, 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, by telephone (510) 420-3040 or by visiting the city’s website at www.ci.piedmont.ca.us.

All applicants must be available for an interview with the City Council on Monday, November 2, 2015, at which time appointments will be made.

The interview meeting on Monday, November 2, 2015, is open to the public.   The meeting will likely be held in the City Council Conference Room. There will be no recordings or broadcast of the interviews.  The interviews are expected to be held prior to the regular Council meeting.

Applicants’ elector qualification will be verified by the City.


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