Oct 28 2015

REMEMBER WHEN: 1988 PCA News Articles

<<<<<< PCA Looking Back <<<<<<

PCA Reported in October, 1988:

  • The View and Tree Preservation Ordinance unanimously approved by the Piedmont City Council at its meeting on September 19, 1988 with a second reading to come October 3;
  • The Main Park Final Plan was previewed;
  • The City Council appointed 11 member Civic Center Parking Committee held its first meeting on September 27 to consider the resident parking complaints, enforcement, needs and costs of finding additional parking;
  • The Capital Improvement Review Committee (CIP) hired California State University at Hayward to conduct a telephone survey of 400 Piedmont homes with copies of the questionnaire available for other residents to complete;
  • Resident Perry Kennan asked the City Council if the City is negotiating to purchase a large lot on Moraga Avenue;
  • PCA held an election forum on the City parcel tax Measure W with panels debating for and against the measure.


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