Oct 30 2015

Planning and Park Commission Interviews: City Council November 2

Important volunteer positions are to be filled. 

Planning and Park Commission applicant interviews will take place in an open meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday, November 2, in the Council Conference Room, City Hall.

A number of individuals have indicated their interest in becoming commissioners, 9 applicants for the one Planning Commission position and 3 applicants for the one Park Commission position.  The public is welcome to attend the meeting and provide input to the interview process.

Although not required, in the past certain individuals have been encouraged to apply by either the staff, Council members or community members.  The selection process is designed to be open, allowing all applicants qualified to vote in Piedmont elections an opportunity to be appointed to commissions or committees by the City Council. Staff members reporting to the commissions are typically present and can provide input during the selection process.

The interviews will not be broadcast or recorded.

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