Nov 2 2015

Duration of Parcel Tax: Budget Advisory Committee Nov 5

On Thursday, November 5, the Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee will update work on Piedmont’s Municipal Services Tax. The committee is charged with considering the need for a voter approved parcel tax and the duration of the tax.

The Committee will discuss:

  •  Accounting and Financial Reporting of the Other Postemployment Benefits
  •  Duration of the Special Municipal Services Tax
  •  Update the Committee’s review of the Parcel Tax
  •  Future meetings

The public can attend and participate in the 6:30 p.m. meeting held in the City Council Conference Room, City Hall.

There will be no audio record kept of meeting discussion or presentations. Written support materials have not been disseminated. No broadcast via the internet or cable TV will be available.

One Response to “Duration of Parcel Tax: Budget Advisory Committee Nov 5”

  1. Do NOT increase the duration of the tax! The taxpayers must have an opportunity to review the necessity for it on a regular basis.

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