Nov 5 2015

Short Term Rentals Back on Planning Commission Agenda Nov. 9

Possible restrictions of AirBnB online type rentals presented by City staff for consideration by Piedmont Planning Commission  – 

“At the direction of the City Council, the Planning Commission will consider modifications to the Municipal Code to address short term rentals of fewer than 30 days. Staff will introduce and the Planning Commission will review specific modifications to the Municipal Code. After hearing testimony from the public and a discussion, the Planning Commission will make a formal recommendation to the City Council.”

Planning Department recommendations to the Planning Commission are not published on the City website, however those interested can attend the meeting and/or contact the Planning Department for specifics of proposed actions.  The staff report is 140 pages long.

The agenda item will be considered, as follows:

1. Open the public portion of the hearing, provide all members of the public with an opportunity to be heard, and discuss the proposed Municipal Code amendments; and

2. Recommend adoption, with appropriate Code section numeration, a version of one of two proposed Code amendments to the City Council:

A. Code amendments (shown in red line) that permit short-term rentals with some restrictions as shown in Exhibit 1, pages 7 – 39, or a version thereof; or

B. Code amendments (shown in red line) that prohibit short-term rentals as shown in Exhibit 2, pages 41 – 70, or a version thereof.

The Commission may recommend adoption of Code amendments as proposed in Exhibit 1 or Exhibit 2. Alternatively, the Commission may recommend adoption of Code amendments with modifications identified at the hearing and specified in the motion for recommendation.

The meeting will be broadcast via Cable Channel 27 and also on the City website under videos.  All actions by the Commission are recommendations to the City Council who will make final decisions on the matter.

The meeting starts at 5:00 p.m., Monday, November 9, 2015, 120 Vista Avenue, in the Council Chambers.  Recently, Former Planning Commissioner Eric Behrens was appointed a regular Commissioner and Tom Ramsey is the new alternate Commissioner. 

For further information on the staff report contact:

Kevin Jackson
Interim Planning Director
120 Vista Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94611

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