Dec 1 2015

Parcel Tax: Budget Advisory Committee Wed. Dec. 2

The Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee will update work on Piedmont’s Municipal Services Tax Wednesday, December 2. The committee is charged with considering the need for a voter approved parcel tax and the proposed duration of the tax.

The Committee will consider their recommendation to the City Council in a report on the Special Municipal Services Tax.

The public can attend and participate in the 6:30 p.m. meeting held in the Police Department Emergency Operations Center, 403 Highland Avenue.

There will be no audio record kept of meeting discussion or presentations. Written support materials have not been disseminated. No broadcast via the internet or cable TV will be available.

2 Responses to “Parcel Tax: Budget Advisory Committee Wed. Dec. 2”

  1. Yes, that’s what we need … one more parcel tax. The leadership has never met a parcel tax that it didn’t instantly fall in love with.

  2. The quadrennial municipal services parcel tax is just for that – funding municipal services undercut by Prop 13. What a “special” (1 year?) municipal services tax is meant for remains to be seen. What special services are needed in Piedmont? Perhaps some BAFPC members could elaborate in this space.

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