Dec 13 2015

Marijuana on Planning Commission Agenda: Monday Dec. 14

Public Hearing by Planning Commission on Marijuana Growing in Piedmont –

City staff will present recommendations to the Planning Commission on modifications to the Municipal Code to address cultivation, dispensing and delivery of marijuana.  After hearing testimony from the public and discussion, the Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council.

In October, Piedmont police served a search warrant on a Scenic Avenue home, seized 30 pounds of processed and packaged marijuana worth an estimated street value of $150,000, and arrested the two rental tenants living in a unit suspected of cultivating the plants.  They also found more than 13 fully mature marijuana plants in what police described as “a sophisticated marijuana grow operation” in the 100 block of Scenic Avenue.

According to FindLaw:

In general, it is a crime to grow marijuana or manufacture controlled substances and illegal drugs in California. The criminal charges related to the cultivation or manufacturing of drugs depend on the type of drug.
California state laws also prohibit the manufacturing and processing of illegal controlled substances and dangerous drugs listed by the California Penal Code. The listed drugs include marijuana, cocaine base, cocaine, hallucinogenic drugs, opium, and many others. Anyone who manufactures one of the listed drugs may be prosecuted on felony charges by the state.
Read more at: Refer to California Health & Safety Code Section 11357 -11362.9.
 The meeting starts at 5:00 p.m., Monday, December 14, 2015, 120 Vista Avenue, in the Council Chambers of City Hall. The meeting will be broadcast live via KCOM Channel 27 and the city’s website.

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