Jan 3 2016

OPINION: Dracena Park Playground Hazards

Playground Hazards in Lower Dracena Park,  by Piedmont Resident Bernard Pech –

I took my 14 month old granddaughter to the playground in lower Dracena Park a while back and was dismayed by how poorly the playground is designed. The sand box is located in the middle of other play structures and at the same level as the ground around, resulting in sand being dragged all over. Apart from the poor look, it creates a dangerous situation, in particular on the concrete slope nearby surrounding the slide.
Dracena Park concrete slope

Dracena Park concrete slope

The sandbox needs to be deep and isolated on the side. Take a look for example at the  Presidio Heights Playground in San Francisco:

Presidio Heights Playground

Presidio Heights Playground

​Given the push of dog lovers to expand the leash-free dog run area at Dracena, a redesigned park needs to relocate the playground out of the way of free running dogs and to surround the playground with a fence. The  Piedmont Director of Recreation (who I have contacted and was very responsive) should take a good look at the Presidio park, which was clearly very well thought out.
Editors’ Note:  Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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  1. The playground was designed with the large slide in the middle to separate the tot area (sand box and play elements) from the bigger kid area – swings and climbing wall. The box is in its original location. Sand does get up on the sidewalk and that is a problem. Restroom maintenance staff is tasked to sweep sand from the sidewalk and perhaps that did not happen over the holiday break. Parks staff can sweep the area as well. Parents should monitor children as well.

    The proposed expansion of the dog run is only for the upper lawn of the park, well away from the playground. Dogs are required to be on leash in the quarry and playground area so no fence is needed around the playarea.

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