Jan 13 2016

READMONT: The Martian, Wed. February 10

READmont celebrates science this year!
 Join the discussion on The Martian with PHS Science Teachers

February 10th, 7 p.m., Center for the Arts! 

(Across from Piedmont High School on Magnolia Avenue)

This year’s community-wide READmont book talk will look at The Martian, a book that has been extremely popular among young adult to adult readers.  Many Piedmont High School (PHS) freshman and sophomore science classes are reading the book as part of their curriculum this year, which makes it the perfect book to bring all members of our community together for a fun, relaxing book discussion.  This year’s book talk will take place on February 10th at 7 P.M.at the Center for the Arts across from the high school.
Martian science to be demonstrated.
 For special entertainment value, organizers Beth Black (English Department) and Susan Stutzman (PHS librarian) have invited colleagues John Savage and Tom Huffaker from the PHS Science Department to demonstrate some of the science described in the book.
Everyone is welcome!
Feel free to bring kids, neighbors and grandparents.  Books are sold at a discount at a Good Place for Books (Montclair) and all 5 school libraries have multiple copies to lend.

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