Feb 17 2016

Photos of Newly Renovated City Hall Entry

Entrance to City Hall and Council Chambers renovated – 

On May 18, 2015, the City Council unanimously approved $62,000 for millwork and carpentry by Mueller/Nicholls as phase I of the City Hall Entry Renovation Project. The complete design plan, estimated to cost $100,000 was approved by the Council on April 20, 2015. The funds would largely be drawn from the City’s Facilities Maintenance Fund in order to improve the “aesthetics, circulation, and functionality of the entrance hallway”.

IMG_2897 City Hall door 116

Entrance to Piedmont City Hall at 120 Vista Avenue

216 City Hall Front Door IMG_3083

New sign and Piedmont seal over the entrance to City Hall.

216 Video screen in entry wayIMG_3080

City Hall entry with new video monitor and cabinetry

216 City Hall videos in Entry IMG_3075

Video monitor showing historic Piedmont home

216 Entry to Council Chambers IMG_3076

Entry to Council Chambers and plaque listing all Piedmont mayors and council members

IMG_2901 Mayors and Council Members 116 Plaque

Plaque listing all mayors and council members

IMG_2900 Council Members 116 Photo

Photograph in entry to Council Chambers picturing the current City Council:

Council Member Teddy King, Vice Mayor Jeff Wieler, Mayor Margaret Fujioka, Council Member Bob McBain and Council Member Tim Rood. 

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