Feb 28 2016

OPINION: Multi-level Parking for Piedmont Schools?

Piedmonter offers parking idea for Piedmont schools plan.

The current version of the Piedmont Unified School District (PUSD) facilities plan would take away a number of parking spaces on the High School/Middle School campus. School Board Vice President Sarah Pearson has brought up several times her concern about parking, and expressed her view that somehow the new facilities should include parking spaces for staff and teachers. Per the school architect, the cost of adding a parking floor to a standard building is around $40,000 a space.

School Board Member Doug Ireland has expressed his desire to see the City and the District work closely together to solve this problem (and many others). So maybe the City could provide much needed parking.

I talked with the CEO at Park Works, a local supplier of Puzzle Parking. Bottom line his solutions are still​  expensive: $20,000 to$30,000 per parking space, occupying about a third of side­-by­-side ground parking. The company claims to have installed 1.6 million parking spots in Japan and 1 million in Europe. There are an 82 unit storage system installed in San Leandro and a 20 unit one in Berkeley at 1218 7th Street (a BMW repair shop).

I then found a Chinese company​ who sells Puzzle Parking structures as a kit to be assembled on site. There​ is no need for excavation for installation. Here is their product spec for 2​­6 level puzzle parking. The​ company claims that the cost is between $2,000 to $4,000 per spot, with a very reduced footprint. Their full catalog is available at: Full catalog​.​

Would Puzzle Parking be a solution for PUSD?

Does anybody have any experience with Puzzle Parking?

Bernard Pech, Piedmont Resident


puzzle parking

puzzle parking

Chinese 6 level puzzle parking

Chinese 6 level puzzle parking

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