Mar 20 2016

Council Special Meeting to Interview Commission and Committee Candidates Tuesday, March 22

Want to know more about our City government?

The City Council will hold a Special Meeting to interview candidates for vacancies on City commissions & committees at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 22 in the City Hall Conference Room. It is an open meeting. At the conclusion of the interviews, discussions will take place and appointments may be made to fill the following vacancies:

Budget Advisory & Financial Planning Committee 3 Vacancies 3 Incumbents
CIP Review Committee 1 Vacancy 0 Incumbents
Civil Service Commission 2 Vacancies 2 Incumbents
Park Commission 3 Vacancies 2 Incumbents
Planning Commission 3 Vacancies 3 Incumbents
Public Safety Committee 2 Vacancies 2 Incumbents
Recreation Commission 3 Vacancies 0 Incumbents

Ever wonder why one person is appointed and another is not?

 The interviewing of candidates for appointments can prove interesting.  City staff – City Administrator, Public Works Director, Planning Director, or other staff members may participate in the discussions to offer information on the candidates.  Although the applicant names are public information, the City has historically been discrete in not announcing the names of applicants perhaps attempting to not discourage applicants.

Who becomes an applicant?

 This is as varied as the applicants.  Some applicants are asked to apply by a staff member, Council member, commissioner, committee member or friend.  Some applicants self-initiate their applications.  Appointees will volunteer their public service time, as does the appointing body, the City Council.  The commissions and committees have proven to be fertile grounds for advancement to the City Council. The decisions and recommendations made by appointees are essential to our City.

The interviews will not be televised or recorded, but can be observed by all public attendees.  

Read the agenda here.

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