Mar 24 2016

City Council: New Appointments to Commissions and Committees

At a special meeting on March 22, 2016, the City Council interviewed applicants and made appointments to fill vacancies on commissions and committees. Drawing on the talents of twenty five applicants for seventeen vacancies, the Piedmont City Council made the following appointments:

Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee

Nick Levinson – August Moretti – John Chiang (Alternate)

CIP Review Committee

Michael Henn

Civil Service Commission

Carolyn Collins  &  Kathleen Winters

Park Commission

Betsy Goodman –  Jim Horner – Brian Mahany

Planning Commission

Eric Behrens & Tony Theophilos

 Aradhana Jajodia (Alternate)

Public Safety Committee

Lori Elefant & Lynne Wright

Recreation Commission

Glyn Burge – Jeffrey Dorman – Vincent Fisher

Each of these appointments is for a three year term. Commission and Committee members are eligible to serve no more than two consecutive terms in office.  All of the appointments are to volunteer positions.


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