Mar 27 2016

Disaster Preparedness Manual for Piedmont

Now Available at the Piedmont Police & Fire Departments


Piedmont’s Public Safety Committee has published a handsome, yellow, large format Get Ready, Piedmont disaster preparedness manual. Topics covers include: What to expect, Survivor … or Victim?, How to Store Emergency Food & Water, Structural Hazards and much more.

Importantly, the manual cautions residents to shut off the gas “only if you smell or hear gas and/or you notice a large consumption of gas being registered on the gas meter. Remember, if the gas is turned off, do not turn it back on. Only a licensed plumber or PG & E can turn the gas back on safely once it’s been turned off.” A diagram in the new manual clearly illustrates the on & off positions of gas meters and water meters.

This document will provide comprehensive information on preparation for and response to, earthquakes, fires, landslides, and other emergencies. The manual is 50 pages in length with checklists and illustrations on things like turning off utilities, food and water storage, first aid materials, seismic measures, family communications plans etc.

Also available is the four page checklist which provides a ready reference on steps to take in the event of an earthquake or wildfire as well as general guidance on disaster preparedness and crime prevention. Printed copies are available at both the Police and Fire Departments.

The manual is also available to download by clicking here as well as on the Public Safety Committee and Fire Department pages of the City site.

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