Apr 2 2016

CIP Committee April 5: Project Proposal Consideration

The Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Review Committee will meet in the City Hall Conference Room on Tuesday, April 5 at 6 p.m. The meeting will not be broadcast or recorded, but is open to the public.

The CIP Review Committee is composed of seven members, 4 appointed by the City Council, chairs of both the Recreation and Park Commission, plus the current President of the Piedmont Beautification Foundation, a private organization benefiting Piedmont.  The City Council recently appointed Michael Henn to the Committee.

The Committee  makes recommendations to the City Council on Piedmont’s major improvement projects. Citizens may propose projects on a Proposal Form, < available here or from City Hall. Project proposals for this cycle closed March 25.  Many past projects have originated from the City staff and the Piedmont Beautification Foundation.

April 5 CIP agenda:

  • Update on recreation projects
  • Review of Citizen Proposals for CIP
  • Review of preliminary CIP wish lists and project budgets

Supporting information and lists of proposals have not been publicly provided.  Information will be made available at the meeting along with staff presentations on the various proposals.  Final approval of projects is dependent on available funding and will be acted upon by the City Council by June with consideration of the annual City Budget.

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