Apr 16 2016

Progress in the Construction of Condominiums at 408 Linda Avenue

Condominium roofs now level with Oakland Avenue Bridge – 

The seven townhouses designed by Jarvis Architects are now rising on the site of the former PG&E substation.  Four of the condominium units front on Linda Avenue, one at the corner of Linda Avenue under the Oakland Avenue bridge over Linda.  Three of the condominiums have views of the bridge support structure, roadbed, future public stairway and/or adjacent multi-family building on Oakland Avenue.

IMG_4250Demolition of the decommissioned Linda Avenue PG&E structure also removed the pathway leading from Linda Avenue up to Oakland Avenue beside the bridge. When construction of the townhouse development at 408 Linda Avenue is completed, a new stairway will be installed on the sliver of City land between the seven townhouses and the bridge, according to Patrick Zimski, Piedmont Station, LLC.

A preliminary design of the replacement pathway was presented to the Piedmont Park Commission on January 7, 2015.  Kevin Leveque, the landscape architect for Piedmont Station LLC explained that due to the 25% slope, it will be necessary to incorporate steps in the new replacement pathway.  The City is expected to install an ADA compliant connection between Oakland and Linda Avenues on the north side of the bridge.

2 Responses to “Progress in the Construction of Condominiums at 408 Linda Avenue”

  1. It is strikingly unsettling to know that Piedmont, a town claiming to have no space for low cost housing, has seven townhouses, designed by Jarvis Architects rising from the site of the former PG&E Station. It is curious to wonder who funded this project, who approved it, and who will live
    in these fine spaces. It is unlikely that anyone who would need low cost housing will have the privilege of living there and I suppose it is not surprising that Piedmont failed to reject the plan in favor of low cost housing as required by the state.

  2. Lauren: one word: entitlement.

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