May 1 2016

Crime Report, Ambulance, Drug Disposal, Volunteers, Beach Field, FY 16-17 Budget Presentation, SunShares, Transportation: May 2 Council Meeting

On Monday, May 2, starting at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall, the City Council will consider approving agreements with Alameda County for ambulance and advanced life support measures. The current agreement expires October 31, 2016.  Additional agreements will be considered with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, the Alameda County Transportation Commission, and for Prescription Drug disposal.

The Proposed FY 16-17 Budget for the City of Piedmont will be presented.

The Council will consider a resolution commending a number of volunteers who will each receive the resolution at the reception on May 19 at the Community Hall.

Nominations for Piedmont Civic Volunteer of the Year are due May 6. (Nomination Form)

Staff Reports for May 2, 2016 Council Meeting:

05/02/16 – Approval of a Resolution to be Presented to Volunteers at the Annual Volunteer Reception for 2016

05/02/16 – 2nd Reading of Ord. 722 N.S. Modifying Section 3.8 of the City Code to Allow for Expanded Use of Linda Beach Playfield During the Renovation of Piedmont Sports Field (Hampton Field)

05/02/16 – Approval of Agreements with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office for the Following:

a. Critical Incident Handling (Mutual Aid)

b. Evidence Collection and Processing

05/02/16 – Approval of the Master Programs Funding Agreement between the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) and the City of Piedmont

05/02/16 – Approval of the Extension of an Agreement with Alameda County Regarding First Response Advanced Life Support and Ambulance Transport Services

05/02/16 – Approval of Agreements Related to Prescription Drug Take Back Program in the Police Department

05/02/16 – Receipt of the 1st Quarter 2016 Crime Report from the Chief of Police

05/02/16 – Consideration of Authorization to Sign a Letter of Support Authorizing Participation in the 2016 East Bay SunShares Program

05/02/16 – Consideration of a Resolution Approving an Agreement and Establishing a Project Construction Budget for the Oakland and El Cerrito Aves. Pedestrian Improvement Project

The meeting on May 2, 2016 will be broadcast live on Channel 27 and from the City website under online videos.

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