May 1 2016

Paving Projects: Moraga, Harvard, Requa Place Plus New Bike Lanes

City to Conduct Annual Paving Projects –

The City of Piedmont will pave several streets as a part of its annual paving project between April 25th and June 8th. Streets to be paved are Harvard Road between Portsmouth and Annerley Roads, Requa Place, and Moraga Avenue near the intersection of Ramona Avenue. Work will take place between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. each day. This paving project was approved by the City Council on September 15, 2015*.

The paving will occur as follows:

Harvard Road: April 25 through May 6 and May 17 through May 30

Requa Place: May 16

Moraga Avenue: April 29, May 31 through June 2 and June 6 through June 8

The work on Moraga Avenue includes safety improvements near the Ramona Avenue intersection to install a high-friction surface treatment, signage, traffic and lane marking improvements to help reduce speeds and improve traction in this area.

Bicycle Lanes on Moraga

The project also includes bicycle lane striping and signage on Moraga Avenue from Ramona Avenue to Pala Avenue. The striping and signage installed for this project will connect to the similar improvements installed on the remainder of Moraga Avenue as a part another recently completed paving project. Once complete, the entirety of Moraga Avenue in Piedmont will have bicycle lanes in both directions.

There will be traffic control and parking restrictions in place during the work. Please use alternate routes if possible. Work locations may be changed if conditions necessitate.

Residents with questions regarding the projects should contact Director of Public Works Chester Nakahara at (510) 420-3050.

*Editors’ Note: The pavement press release appears to refer to the September 21, 2015 action by the City Council.


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