May 2 2016

New Pools: Aquatics Master Planning, Wednesday, May 4

Aquatics Master Plan Meeting

 Wednesday,  May 4,  7:00 p.m.

801 Magnolia Avenue in the East Wing of the Piedmont Center for the Arts Building across from Piedmont High School. 

Aquatics Master Plan Steering Committee Meeting: 

The City Council has appointed a committee to investigate a plan for the Piedmont Municipal Pool and Aquatics.  Two Council members are on the Steering Committee, Tim Rood and Teddy King. 

The May 4 meeting is a public meeting to discuss with the consultant new pools, new ideas for aquatics and other associated matters.  The meeting will not be recorded or broadcast.  Anyone interested can attend and participate in the meeting. 

Agenda for the meeting.

Staff report to the City Council.

For further information, contact:

Recreation Director Sara Lillevand at:   (510) 420-3070

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