May 7 2016

TAXES: Voting on City Parcel Tax Begins May 9 by Mail and Continues to Election Day, June 7

Piedmont parcel taxes are an issue for all Piedmont Voters on their June 7 ballot.

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Every four years Piedmonters get to consider whether or not an additional parcel tax warrants their support.  The ballot measure proposed by the City Council at the June 7 Primary Election is known as Measure F and renews the four year parcel tax plus a 30% increase.  Unlike recent City parcel tax measures, the tax proposal has not only proponents but opponents to the measure.

Opponents point to a lack of justification for the 30% increase, especially considering the substantial windfall of funds coming from the real property transfer tax and subsequent upping of property values and tax revenue. Millions of new and unexpected dollars from these taxes have led to significant expenditures by the City, special projects and heavily funded reserve funds.  The threat by proponents of cuts to public safety is used to scare voters when there is more than sufficient funding for the primary responsibility of the City public safety without the 30% increase in the tax.

Supporters call for the parcel tax renewal and its 30% increase to continue the flexibility to fund desired projects and to keep the City financially stable with a ready and reliable income source.   The increases to the various reserve funds and funding of special projects has been accomplished because of the windfall revenues from property transfer taxes and increased property tax revenue. The parcel tax should be renewed as the City faces large unfunded needs.

Both those in favor and opposed to Measure F agree that an on-going four year parcel tax is appropriate for Piedmont.  Those opposed to the ballot measure state the revenue currently being generated is sufficient to fund City needs and the parcel tax  30% increase is not justified, while those in favor of the ballot measure find the additional revenue appropriate and returning with another ballot measure to be undesirable. 

All voting Piedmonters will have an opportunity to make their voices heard on June 7 or through vote by mail ballots beginning May 9. 

For Measure F to pass requires approval by 2/3rds of those voting on the measure.

Read information on voter registration and election information here.

Read official Measure F support and opposition statements here.

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