May 10 2016

Renovations, Garages, Pool: Decisions by Planning Commission

I went to the Piedmont Planning Commission on Monday, May 9th. The meeting opened up with the Commissioners taking roll. They then brought up the issue of renovations to house, specifically a new garage.  Speakers who had previously filled out a form to speak about the issue were allowed to address the Commissioners. The Commissioners had each been to the site, but were not allowed to discuss it amongst themselves before the hearing.

First, the architect talked about the proposed plan and argued for why it would be a good project. Then the Commissioners asked questions about the details of the plan and how willing the owners were to compromise. Next the neighbors talked about their issues with the plan, namely how it was less attractive.

After hearing everyone who wanted to speak, each Commissioner gave their opinion and then one of them started a motion. They all agreed it was a good project and it passed unanimously.

A similar process followed for owners who wanted to expand their guest house and pool which was met with more opposition from neighbors. This time the Commission decided to reject their plan as it was, but the owners could come back with a different plan.

Miles Vinson, Piedmont High School Senior

Editors’ Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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