May 21 2016

Piedmont High School Presents the 51st Annual Bird Calling Contest 

What started as a lark by a high school teacher in 1963 will soon celebrate its 51st anniversary as one of Piedmont’s most beloved traditions.

The Piedmont High School Bird Calling contest, first organized by science teacher Leonard J. Waxdeck, will celebrate its 51st rendition this spring. Equal parts ornithology, drama, and humor, the contest makes for a delightful evening of light-hearted family entertainment.

This year’s contest will take place on Tuesday, May 24, at 7 pm in the Alan Harvey Theater, located on the Piedmont High School campus, 800 Magnolia Avenue, Piedmont, Calif.  The contest has sold out.
For more information about the 51st Annual Piedmont High School Bird Calling Contest, contact Piedmont High School at 510.594.2626 or visit

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