May 23 2016

Public Safety Committee: Thursday, May 26

The next meeting of the Piedmont Public Safety Committee is on Thursday, May 26 in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 5:30 pm.

On the agenda:

  • Approval of 3/31/16 minutes
  • Introduction of New PSC members Lori Elefant and Lynne Wright
  • Confirm PSC Meeting schedule
  • Update on AC Alert/(Everbridge) Emergency Notification System Transition
  • Update on Ace Hardware initiative
  • Review of Fire Extinguisher Training event
  • Update on presentation of PSC Annual Report to City Council
  • School Liaison update
  • Discussion of Distribution of  Get Ready, Piedmont Guides and Checklists
  • Discussion of Promotion of Neighborhood meetings
  • Discussion of October Fire Department Open House/Earthquake awareness event
  • Discussion of 1st quarter Crime Report

All members of the public can speak to items on the agenda or bring up a new issue or idea under Public Forum.  The meeting will not be broadcast on KCOM or the city’s website.


DRAFT – Abreviated 
for Thursday March 31, 2016

Chairman Shaffer called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Committee Members: Scott Fitzgerrell, Ryan Gilbert, Garrett Keating, Sue Lin, Andrea Swenson, Lyman Shaffer, Police Chief Rikki Goede, Fire Chief Bud McLaren.

Absent: Michael Gardner
There were no speakers for the public forum.


Chairman Shaffer introduced Mary Beth Russell of Dudley Avenue who brought forth an idea to partner with Ace Hardware to allow residents to purchase disaster supplies for their homes. Ms. Russell, indicated that she, along with Mr. Shaffer, and Chief McLaren went to Ace Hardware to seek assistance with putting together a disaster kit that residents could purchase, indicating that Ace was generous enough to offer a 20% discount on the supplies needed for a grab- and-go bag. Mr. Shaffer indicated that he worked with with the Piedmont Post to create a piece that would contain a list of the supplies needed for a grab and go kit. The committee thanked Ms. Russell for the suggestion and her work on implementing it.

Chief of Police Rikki Goede announced that crime had decreased by 7%, representing an annual decrease for the third year in a row. She stated burglaries had decreased by 36% but reminded the Council that larceny crimes were the biggest issue. She highlighted the benefits of using Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPRs) and a watchfull citizenry. She discussed actions that residents and companies can take to deter property crimes. She also indicated that the City was working with contractors to help reduce thefts from construction sites. Chief Goede commended the work of the Department’s officers, detectives and dispatchers.

Chief Goede updated the committee on the transition of emergency notifications from CodeRed to the countywide AC Alert System. She indicated that the cost for the first year of the new system was being covered by grant funding and that there is likely grant funding secured for the second year. She advised all residents to sign up for the new system, and explained some of the benefits of the new system. She described the efforts to get residents to sign up for the AC Alert system, including coordination with the Piedmont Unified School District, a flyer in garbage bills, and a public service announcement on KCOM.

Chief McLaren advised the Committee that the City Council approved the updated Emergency Operations Plan in February. He described the substance of the plan and the annexes that remained to be completed. He discussed the nature of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), how information will come from the parts of the City to the EOC and how the City’s need will be transmitted to the county and the state.

Chairman Shaffer reviewed the type and number of Neighborhood Public Safety meetings held so far in 2016 as well as meetings scheduled for later in the year. He described the outreach made to the community to generate interest in having a meeting in their neighborhood, including to neighborhoods that have met in the past.

The Committee discussed the outreach regarding the Map Your Neighborhood program and that additional outreach is needed.

Chairman Shaffer advised the committee that the updated “Get Ready, Piedmont!” guide had been printed and was being distributed to residents. He thanked Committee Member Scott Fitzgerrell for his work in designing the guide. He stated that 500 copies were printed and that they were available in the Fire Department. The Committee discussed possible funding for additional printings of the guide and advised the Committee that the Piedmont Citizens Task Force Against crime had donated $5,000 to fund the printing of the guides.

The Committee discussed a request by a local realtor to distribute the checklists to her approximately 200 customers in Piedmont. The Committee agreed that if the realtors are willing to pay for the printing of the checklists, it would be an excellent method of distribution into Piedmont homes.

Chairman Shaffer discussed the submission of the Committee’s annual report to the City Council with the Committee. He indicated that this year’s report would follow the same format as last year in describing the Committee’s work over the past year. The Committee requested that the report mention the large amount of work done to prepare the “Get Ready, Piedmont!” guide and checklist be specifically included in the report. By consensus, the Committee thanked Chairman Shaffer for preparing the report and approved of its submittal to the Council.

Chief McLaren indicated that following the Committee’s discussion at its last meeting, there would not be a Fire Department Open House. In its place, the Fire Department will host fire extinguisher training for residents on Saturday, May 14th. The training will be open to all residents and will involve using simulated fire extinguishers and training on the type and size of extinguishers that are appropriate for homes.

Committee Member Garrett Keating indicated that he had reached out to Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson regarding the biannual earthquake fair that is held by the County. Unfortunately, he found out that the fair was not being held this year. The Committee indicated its interest in hosting the countywide fair in 2017 but needed more information on the scope and resource requirements .

The Committee discussed an event in the fall of 2016 to be held in October on a date close to the annual Great Shake Out. The Committee advocated starting small. It was suggested that it could be a way of bringing together the work that the Committee has been doing over the year. Outreach to organized neighborhoods, including suggesting that they conduct their annual drill on the same date of the event, will be discussed at a future meeting.

The Fire Department will work to have information and vendors available to residents at the event. The Committee stressed its desire to have the event be a one stop event where residents could learn about disaster preparedness as well as purchase supplies to prepare themselves.

Chairman Shaffer adjourned the meeting at 6:49 p.m.


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