Jun 1 2016

SCHOOLS: Voters Tested for Support of an Additional School Bond

Learn more about a survey the Piedmont Unified School District commissioned to find out if Piedmont voters would support a new local school bond measure, possibly in November 2016, to improve school facilities.  The survey is called Bond Feasibility Survey. The conclusion from the survey was that 70% of voters in Piedmont would support a new and additional school bond ballot measure.

“Is a bond measure to repair and improve Piedmont schools feasible for the November 2016 ballot?   Yes.”

“Voters have an exceptionally positive opinion of the quality of education provided by the Piedmont Unified School District and they consider maintaining the quality of education in local public schools to be the most important issue facing the community—more important than maintaining local streets and roads, protecting the environment, preventing local tax increases, and other benchmark issues. These sentiments translate into strong natural support (70%) for a $65 million bond to repair and modernize aging classrooms and school facilities including repairing deteriorating roofs, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and electrical systems, improve student safety, campus security, and access for the disabled, and acquire, renovate, construct and equip classrooms, facilities, science labs, and technology to support advanced programs in math, science, engineering, arts and technology.

“The results of this study suggest that, if structured appropriately and combined with an effective public education effort and independent campaign, the proposed school bond measure has a good chance of passage if placed on the November ballot. Having stated that a bond measure is feasible, it is important to note that a recommendation to place a measure on the ballot comes with several qualifications and conditions. Indeed, although the results are promising, all revenue measures must overcome challenges prior to being successful. The proposed measure is no exception.”

Read the complete survey – methodology, questions posed to potential voters, and conclusions  here.

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