Jun 7 2016

Congratulations to All Piedmont High Bird Callers

Another successful and sold out event for Piedmont High School’s Bird Calling Contest.  The students entertained and mimicked bird calls in the Allan Harvey Theater.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the 51st Annual Bird Calling Contest.  Nine teams performed their skits and bird calls in front of the overflow audience.

First Place: Willow Ptarmigan – Maya Guzdar & Kay SIbal

Second Place: Northern Pintail – Anna Campbell & Koyuki Narter

Third Place: Snowy Egret – Drew Collins, Laine Ratzer, & Katie St. Claire

MCs – Cade Becker and Elie Docter

Gyrfalcon:   Emma Seevak and Claire Valva
Kookaburra:    Philip Horn and Jeremy Wong
Grey Go-Away-Bird:     Cole Bloomfield, Josef      Crombie Presburg, and Daniel DeBare
Red-Shouldered Hawk:   Maeve Andrews, Tobias Fischer, and Mira Tellegen
American/Caribbean Flamingo:    Vivian Anable Eme, Katherine Irving, Alex Opdyke
Lyrebird:    Grace Foster, Bryn Lawson, and Krystyna Olszewska

Read about the performances and see photos here.

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