Jun 10 2016

Mayor Margaret Fujioka to Resign from City Council

Piedmont’s mayor, Margaret Fujioka, was elected in an uncontested race  to the Alameda County Superior Court on June 7, 2016. Although her term on the Court does not begin until January 2017, Fujioka has announced that she will resign her City Council position on June 20, 2016.  Her Council term extends to November 2016.

The City Council or Mayor is required to fill the vacancy. The appointed Councilmember will remain on the Council until the next election,  the Piedmont Municipal and California General Election is November 2016.   If the Council fails to make an appointment within 30 days following Fujioka’s resignation, the new Mayor (who will be elected by the Council) is responsible for making an appointment to fill the vacancy.

The Piedmont City Councilmembers have not made a determination on their approach to fill the vacancy. This will be scheduled for an upcoming Council meeting.  In past years when vacancies have occurred, the Council has opened the process up to all interested Piedmont registered voters.

Applicants have then been publicly interviewed and an individual chosen openly by the Council to complete the unexpired term of the vacancy. In this instance, the individual chosen would then have an opportunity to seek a 4 year term on the City Council at the November 2016 Election.

Currently, the Vice Mayor is Jeff Wieler.  The City Council will determine the next mayor. Piedmont mayors are elected by the Council from the Council and serve at the pleasure of the Council.

The City Charter states (emphasis added):


  1. (A)  VACANCIES. The office of a Councilmember shall become vacant upon his/her death, resignation, removal from office in any manner authorized by law, or forfeiture of office.
  2. (B)  FORFEITURE OF OFFICE. A Councilmember shall forfeit office if the member:
  1. (1)  lacks at any time during the term of office any qualification for the office prescribed by this Charter or by State law;
  2. (2)  violates any prohibition of this Charter; or
  3. (3)  is convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude.

(C) FILLING OF VACANCIES. A vacancy on the City Council shall be filled by appointment by the Council, with said appointee to hold office until the next general municipal election, when a successor shall be chosen by the electors for the unexpired term. If the Council does not fill such vacancy within thirty (30) days after the same occurs, then such vacancy shall be filled by the Mayor.

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