Jul 20 2016

Jonathan Levine Chosen to Fill Council Vacancy

Experienced Commissioner Appointed –

At its special meeting July 19, 2016, the Council appointed Jonathan Levine to fill the vacancy on the City Council created by the resignation of Margaret Fujioka. Mr. Levine will serve until the results of the November 8, 2016 General Municipal Election are certified.

Jonathan Levine - Girard Gibbs

Jonathan K. Levine is an attorney and co-founding partner of Pritzker Levine LLP.  <  He is a current member of both the Piedmont Park Commission and the Piedmont Civil Service Commission.  Levine is also a member of the Aquatics Master Plan Steering Committee. He previously served on the Piedmont Planning Commission and the Piedmont Environmental Task Force.

For additional information, contact City Clerk John Tulloch at 420-3040.

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  1. This appears to be an excellent choice as Mr. Levine apparently has experience in so many areas of Piedmont’s governing institutions.

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