Jul 28 2016

Council and School Board Candidates Take Out Papers for November Election

According to City Clerk John Tulloch, as of July 28, Council papers have been taken out by three Piedmonters:  Jennifer Cavenaugh, Jonathan Levine (appointed incumbent), and Robert McBain (incumbent).  McBain filed his completed papers on July 27 and has qualified for the November 8 General Election, when two Council positions will be filled.  The other two individuals have not completed their filings as of this date.

Candidacy papers for School Board have been taken out by four individuals: Julie Caskey, Sarah Pearson (incumbent), Cory Smegal, and Hari Titan.  Smegal completed papers on July 25 and has qualified for the November election, when three individuals will be elected. Andrea Swenson (incumbent) has indicated she plans to run in the November election.

The City Council and Board of Education are Piedmont’s two elected bodies and guide the operation of City government and the Piedmont Unified School District respectively. Members of these bodies may serve a maximum of 2 four-year terms.

The nomination period for the two vacancies on the Piedmont City Council and three vacancies on the Board of Education ends Friday, August 12th at 5:00 p.m. There is no cost to candidates to file for election.

The California Elections Code requires that nomination papers be issued in person to the prospective candidate at City Hall. It is strongly recommended that residents wishing to take out or return candidate paperwork set at an appointment with the City Clerk.  The required twenty registered Piedmont voters signatures must be checked for validity.  Early return of papers ensures prompt service for the candidate. Candidates without appointments will be seen on a time available basis and may encounter delays.

The Guide to Nomination and Candidacy is available for residents to review online by clicking above.

Residents with questions about the process or wishing to make an appointment can call the City Clerk’s office at (510) 420-3040.

For futher information click: > http://www.ci.piedmont.ca.us/html/govern/staffreports/2016-07-05/november_election_procedural.pdf

Editors’ Note:  While welcoming candidate information, the Piedmont Civic Association does not support or oppose candidates for public office. 

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  1. Kudos to those deciding to run. Contested elections focus the discussion on issues as it should be. The Clerk’s concerns notwithstanding, just be sure your signers are registered voters in Piedmont and get 40 signatures just to be on the safe side.

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