Jul 30 2016

Council: Sewer Loans, All Way Stops, Swim Team, Employment Agreements, Arts Center, and More

Agenda for Monday,  August 1, 7:30 p.m.  Council meeting includes the following: (Click on each underlined item below to read the staff report.)

08/01/16 – Approval of a Revised Resolution Dedicating Sewer Revenue for Repayment of State Loans for Sewer Rehabilitation

City Charter states:

“SECTION 4.13 TEMPORARY LOANS Money may be borrowed in anticipation of the receipts from taxes during any fiscal year, by the issue of notes, certificates of indebtedness or revenue bonds; but the aggregate amount of such loans at any time outstanding shall not exceed twenty-five (25) percent of the receipts from all taxes during the preceding fiscal year; and all such loans shall be paid out of the receipts from taxes for the fiscal year in which they are issued.”

08/01/16 – Approval of a Renewed Facility Use Agreement with the Piedmont Swim Team until August 14, 2018

08/01/16 – Approval of the Reclassification of the Support Services Commander and Human Resources Administrator Positions as Recommended by the Civil Service Commission at its Meeting of July 22, 2016 as well as Approval of Updated Employment Resolutions Reflecting Changes Made to the Classifications

08/01/16 – Approval of the Second Amendment to the Employment Agreement between the City of Piedmont and Paul Benoit

Base Salary: The annual salary for the position of City Administrator shall be Two Hundred Twelve Thousand One Hundred and Eighty Dollars ($212,180.00) effective July 1, 2016. The City Administrator shall be paid at the same intervals and in the same manner as regular City employees. The City shall not at any time during the term of this Agreement reduce the base salary, compensation or other financial benefits of the City Administrator, unless as part of a general City management salary reduction, and then in no greater percentage than the average reduction of all City department heads.

08/01/16 – Approval of the Purchase of a New Vehicle for the Fire Chief

08/01/16 – Approval of a Renewed Agreement to Provide Animal Control Services to the City of Emeryville in the Amount of $93,421 Per Year

08/01/16 – Appoint Councilmember Levine as Liaison to the Planning Commission

08/01/16 – Consideration of the Installation of All Way Stop Signs at Various Intersections to Increase Traffic and Pedestrian Safety (con’t from 07/18/16)

08/01/16 – Consideration of Authorization to Issue an RFP for IT Support Services

08/01/16 – 2nd Reading of Ord. 723 N.S. Approving the First Amendment to the Lease Agreement with Piedmont Center for the Arts at 801 Magnolia Avenue

The meeting will be broadcast live. If you have questions about this material, call the City Clerk’s office at (510) 420-3040.

Read the full August 1 Council > agenda.

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