Aug 7 2016

Mountain View Cemetery Expansion Proposed

Plans, EIR, Comments –

Piedmont notification information: 

Mountain View Cemetery is proposing to expand into currently undeveloped portions of the cemetery property for the addition of future burial sites. The proposed project includes three separate but interconnected plots on the Mountain View Cemetery property that are entirely within the City of Oakland. [Development areas border Piedmont.] Developing the three parcels would include extensive grading and tree removal, extension of existing roadways through the three plots and improvements such as landscape walls and stairs, an amphitheater for gatherings, crypts and columbarium niches, and planting of new trees.

All comments on this proposed project must be sent to The City of Oakland. The proposed project is entirely within the City of Oakland, and Oakland is the lead agency on this project. The information below is provided as a convenience and courtesy to Piedmont residents with an interest in this project.

Please follow the links below for more information on the project. Comments on the project and DEIR should be sent to Catherine Payne, Planner IV, City of Oakland, Department of Planning and Building, Bureau of Planning, 250 Frank H.Ogawa Plaza, Suite 2114, Oakland CA 94612, (510) 238-6168 (phone); (510) 238-4730 (fax); or by email at

Information on the Project

As a convenience and courtesy to Piedmont residents, the City of Oakland has provided printed copies of the Draft Environmental Impact Report, which are available for public review at the City Clerk’s Office at 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont.

Deadlines for comments and participation are unclear.  Piedmonters should contact the Piedmont City Clerk at 420-3040 for further information.

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