Aug 14 2016

Major and Minor Pedestrian Projects on Local Streets

Paint and signage change the street crossings for 10 intersections in Piedmont.

Pavement with painted crosswalks, the word “STOP” and a stationary stop signs will give pedestrians safer street crossings at minimal cost.  City Administrator Paul Benoit reported the total cost for the 10 intersection improvements ($2,338 each), brings the revised total contract to $26,086, funded by Measure B and BB funds.

Painting "STOP" for new crosswalk

Painting “STOP” and  new crosswalk

The Kingston-Linda-Rose Triangle in Oakland and Piedmont is well under construction this summer.

On July 5, the City Council authorized a contract with Ray’s Electric for their “base bid of $207,362” for trench work for the intersection project providing crosswalks on the Oakland and Piedmont border with a large pedestrian island in the middle of Kingston Street. Three ornamental street lamps will be a feature of the Triangle.

Excavation of the new pedestrian triangle

Excavation of the new pedestrian triangle

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