Sep 1 2016

OPINION: Yes for Piedmont Schools

 Measure H1 – Piedmont’s School Facilities Master Plan Bond Measure

Tracing back to the passage of Prop 13 in 1978, Piedmonters have recognized that the maintenance of excellent public schools is an essential element of our community’s reputation as one of the premier places to live in the Bay Area. From that time forward successive School Boards, administrators, teachers, parents and private citizens have worked together to nurture and enhance top flight quality in our schools. Measure H1 is the latest, and one of the most important, ongoing steps in that process. Consistently since 1978, Piedmonters have stepped up to the plate to tax themselves and donate the funds necessary to achieve and maintain excellence.

Measure H1 takes the first, and biggest, step to implement the Facilities Master Plan recommended to the current School Board by the Facilities Steering Committee, the majority of whom are highly qualified private citizens of Piedmont. The total cost of needed work is estimated to be $137 million. Citizens can review every aspect of this needed work by going online to the Piedmont Unified School District Facilities Assessment (dated February 10, 2016).

Recognizing that bonding capacity limits, as well as financial prudence, restrict the amount of work that could be undertaken at one time, the Facilities Steering committee recommended that a bond for $66 million be proposed now, and that with full community‐participation the needed work be prioritized. That is exactly the process the Board adopted. And, as recommended by the Committee, we are now at the point where input from all interested citizens is invited to complete the prioritization of work to be done. It is contemplated that following approval on Measure H1 in November, the public input period will continue with a series of community meetings, following which the Board will adopt a final priority plan.

I laud the Board for pursuing a process that maximizes the opportunity for public participation in the determination of what work will be done first. The Editor of the “Post” has kindly offered to facilitate this process by providing space regularly throughout the campaign for airing of public views on the specific needs for improvement of the P.U.S.D. facilities to maximize their suitability for various academic functions.

I urge all interested citizens to participate by making their views on the prioritization of projects known – AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, TO VOTE “YES” ON MEASURE H1.

CAMERON WOLFE, JR., Piedmont Resident

Editors’ Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.  The Piedmont Civic Association welcomes campaign information – endorsements, photos, and opinions. The Piedmont Civic Association, however, does not support or oppose specific ballot measures or candidates for public office.

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2 Responses to “OPINION: Yes for Piedmont Schools”

  1. What guarantee is there that money raised by this bond measure can ONLY be used for the intended purposes and not spent on over-priced “Athletic Directors” et al?

  2. The school board’s never ending cries for MORE money is again putting those of us on fixed retirement incomes at risk of having to leave Piedmont! Will this ever end????? NOT LIKELY.

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