Sep 12 2016

ELECTION: Andrea Swenson Seeks Re-election to School Board

Swenson seeks second term on Board 

I am a candidate for re-election to the Piedmont School Board because:

Whenever I am asked where I live and I say Piedmont, the response is always along the lines of “oh yes, good schools”. Some communities are defined by their location, or their landmarks, or even their restaurants, but Piedmont is defined in its most essential and enduring sense by its schools– by the children who attend them, by the teachers who instill in these children a love of learning, by the parents who contribute their time and resources to make the classroom experience extraordinary, and by the Piedmont community that supports these schools. In a small town like Piedmont, our schools are the heart of the community.

I have lived in Piedmont for 25 years with my husband Paul and my two children, Lucy and Sam, went all the way through Piedmont schools, and have now graduated from college. For the last 20 years I have been an active community volunteer and am now President of the School Board.

I am very proud of all that the School Board has accomplished over the last 4 years, and for my role in that success. We hired a new Superintendent after a national search and extensive public input. We undertook a Facilities Master Plan so we know what out facilities needs are going forward, and we restructured our math curriculum and course offerings; again after extensive public input. I understand that collaboration between students, teachers, parents, and our greater community is vital.

I am candidate for School Board because I have the ability, the experience, and the desire to make good things happen for our children. Stewarding my own children from kindergarten through high school, off to college and into the workaday world has given me a “big picture” perspective about the developmental needs of children and families over time.

I remember vividly the experience and challenges of the elementary years, but also the demands of raising teens with different learning styles and ways of relating to the world. I understand that as a public school district we are tasked with educating all of our students, from special ed to advanced learners, and all of the students in between. Our job is to support teachers who strive to find the spark in each child to make them successful whether it is math, science, art, history  or singing.

We need extra-curricular options from sports teams to the feminist club. We need to provide equal opportunities for boys and girls, young men and young women, so they can compete on an equal footing. We do a very good job of educating our students in Piedmont thanks to good teachers, supportive parents, and a generous community, BUT we should always strive to do better. Today our students are competing not just with peers in NY or Michigan, but with students in Finland, South Korea, and Singapore. We need to position our schools and prepare our students  for the future so they can  graduate ready to be successful and respectful global citizens. We need to ensure that our students will continue to explore the world beyond with curiosity, rigor, flexibility and a moral compass that reflects empathy for their fellow citizens.

I respectfully ask for your support,

Andrea Swenson, President of the Piedmont School Board

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Editors Note: While welcoming information about candidates, PCA does not support or oppose candidates for public office. 

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