Sep 15 2016

OPINION: Charges Against School District Are Baseless

School Board member asks community to consider the charges and respond. –
Yesterday, I charged my cell phone. Yesterday, I charged a book on Amazon. Yesterday I charged up the PMS stairs to a site council meeting.  Yesterday, the Post charged the school district with ethical breaches regarding the recent hiring of our Athletic Director.

The word “charged” has all kinds of meaning in today’s world. Some serious, some not. To have “charged” our school district with ethics violations is serious business. With potentially serious consequences.

I am begging (not charging) any of you who care about the Piedmont Schools to understand what happened in this process.  Decide for yourselves whether there are grounds for such a serious and hurtful allegation. And if you find they are baseless, which I’m confident you will,  make your findings known to your neighbors and the editor of the Piedmont Post.

Doug Ireland
Piedmont Unified School District School Board member

Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.

2 Responses to “OPINION: Charges Against School District Are Baseless”

  1. The Post has overtly stepped over the line in its editorialized hit pieces on the School District; however, behind the scenes for years, the Post has been the media outlet of City Hall and in doing so has not provided residents objective information on important taxation and governance issues. School Board members are also Piedmont residents and they may now also be well advised of the front page advocacy pieces masquerading as “reporting” on critical taxation and government issues.

  2. The Piedmont Post’s recent transgression of decency by libeling school officials is not isolated misbehavior. The Post is a long-standing serial and equal opportunity offender. Many Piedmont residents over the years who have spoken out on local governance and taxation issues have suffered the Post’s bullying and lying reporting, because they will not follow the Post’s company line. Now the School Board feels the turn of the wheel. Wake up fellow residents! We should all smell the stinker in our house and demand much better.

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