Oct 4 2016

Election: Julie Caskey Candidate for School Board

Dear Piedmont Voters:
With four children and years of deep involvement in the Piedmont schools, I am running for School Board to expand community representation.  Of the five sitting School Board Members, three no longer have kids in Piedmont schools and none have an elementary student. Next year, my kids will attend Beach, Piedmont Middle School and Piedmont High School.  Parents and other deeply involved and concerned community members, including teachers and students, need a greater voice in PUSD longterm policy planning and decision-making.
My husband Gabriel Kra, a clean energy investor, and I moved to the Bay Area in 2001 and to Piedmont in 2011 for the amazing, involved community and the best-in-state schools.  Since then, I have volunteered in classrooms, committees, coaching, Arts enrichment planning and a variety of boards, at Beach and district-wide.
  • Community Leader
    • Co-President of ALPS (Advanced Learners Program Support)
    • PMS and Beach BPO Board Secretary for 3 years
    • Harvest Festival Co-Chair-3 years
    • Math Task Force Member (curriculum and course pathways)
  • Experienced Attorney and Advocate
    • 20+ year government and legal career
    • Federal court staff attorney in SF, child advocacy, criminal, civil rights advocacy
    • Legislative experience in city government and non-profit Board Member
  • Knowledgeable, Independent Team Player
    • Collaborated with teachers and administrators on common core updates
    • Professional and Piedmont school experience negotiating improved outcomes
  • Comprehensive Community Input
    • Will solicit and consider student, teacher and community input
    • Will ensure transparent, collaborative, inclusive, review-driven processes
  • Cost and Energy Conscious Policy
    • Advocate for energy efficient, solar schools
    • Will ensure budget-focused facility updates and spending oversight
  • Focus on Differentiated and Social Emotional Learning
    • Experienced in districtwide planning, differentiated learning and math enrichment
    • Provide improvements in special education, including new dyslexia law updates
    • Supports teaching inclusiveness and relationship skills
My 200 word candidate ballot statement:
With four children in Piedmont schools until 2026, I am deeply committed to ensuring long-term educational excellence.  Since 2011, I’ve volunteered: three years as Beach Parent Organization Secretary and Harvest Festival Carnival Co-Chair; on the Middle School Board; in classrooms, fundraising, coaching, and the arts.
On PUSD’s Math Task Force, I worked collaboratively with teachers, students, and administrators, implementing Common Core math curriculum/pathways. I am Co-President of a parent support group that works closely with PUSD to keep advanced learners challenged and recently funded 6th grade math enrichment and differentiation support districtwide.

With our deeply engaged community, we can improve PUSD policymaking by front-loading consideration of diverse stakeholder viewpoints.  We must provide excellence in 21st century learning with rigorous STEAM (science/technology) curricula and budget-conscious facility updates.  I’ll also focus on improving special education services and enhancing K-12 social-emotional curriculum use to foster inclusiveness/relationships.

A graduate of Princeton’s public schools, Barnard and Columbia Law, I’ve worked in NYC government and as a civil rights, criminal, and child advocacy lawyer for 19 years. I am independent, analytical and resourceful. If elected, I will work hard with administrators to represent our community in providing for our exceptional schools.
Voters can reach me directly by email or phone at (510) 817-4015or email at juliecaskey@yahoo.com.

My newly launched website is : julie4piedmont.com.

Julie Caskey for Piedmont School Board 2016 

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Julie Caskey
Editors Note:  Opinions expressed are those of the candidate.  The Piedmont Civic Association does not support or oppose specific candidates for public office.

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