Oct 5 2016

Election Opinion: Sarah Pearson for School Board Re-election

We have known Sarah Pearson, an incumbent running for Piedmont School Board re-election, as a friend and fellow community volunteer for most of the decade we have lived in Piedmont.  The qualities we most value in Sarah as a school board member are:  her deep connections in the community which allow her to readily gather input and feedback; her collaborative and transparent approach to problem-solving; her commitment to thoughtful and thorough decision-making; her openness to new ideas and willingness to ask questions; her tireless energy, wit, compassion and intelligence.  In her first school board term, we believe Sarah has been an effective and constructive leader during a time of enormous change in the district in terms of budgetary challenges, leadership transitions and curriculum change, to the benefit of our students in terms of performance and wellness.  We hope you’ll join us in casting a vote for Sarah Pearson for School Board on November 8.

Susan Miller-Davis and Jonathan Davis, Piedmont Residents

Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the authors.  PCA does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

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