Oct 12 2016

Report: Hampton Field, Linda Kingston Triangle, Tree Conditions, Financing

Park Commission Meeting, October 5, 2016

by Mitchell Argue, Piedmont High School Senior

    On October 5, 2016, the Park Commission met for their monthly meeting in the City Council Chambers at Piedmont City Hall. The purpose of the Park Commission is to discuss current projects for the city parks and collaborate on how to maintain the wellbeing of land owned by the city. The topics discussed at this meeting were the Hampton Field Master Plans, the Linda Kingston Triangle, the health of the Oaks and other trees at Magee Overlook and CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) and the financing for those projects. Supervisor of Maintenance Dave Frankel presented an evaluation of the projects in greater detail in his monthly maintenance report with emphasis on the trees near Magee Overlook. Due to what the Commission suspects is a consequence of the drought, some trees have noticeably started to suffer and at least one Oak will have to be removed.

    On a happier note, the maintenance crews were able to pick up heaps of bulbs so now large numbers of flowers can be grown in the parks, especially at Hampton Field. Also, new landscaping equipment is being considered for purchase, where they may select something with more durability and increased energy efficiency.

    There were very few people in attendance other than the members of the Parks Commission. Those in the audience were Vice Mayor Bob McBain, Dave Frankel, two other classmates, and myself. The topics discussed were mainly updates on the progress of said projects, so arguments were not present.

    I was glad to find out how the Hampton Field Master Plan is taking shape. When I saw the pictures in the meeting’s agenda packet, I was happy to see the excellent work being done. The improvements, when finished, are going to be awesome!

Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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